Bob Berman - Berman has been a Slooh host for 10 years enriching numerous celestial broadcasts such as the 2013 Total Solar Eclipse. He is also one of the most widely-read astronomers in the world sharing his approachable take on astronomy in various publications including Astronomy Magazine and The Old Farmers Almanac where he is the Astronomy Editor. He has written seven books including his latest, “The Sun’s Heartbeat”.
Paul Cox - Cox has been with Slooh for over 10 years as the Broadcast and Observatory Director. In addition to his technical responsibilities he also brings his keen eye for astrophotography and charming British accent to numerous live broadcasts such as the 2013 Total Solar Eclipse from Kenya, and Comet ISON’s Journey to the Sun.


Dr. Ed Lu - Dr. Lu is the CEO and Co-founder of the B612 Foundation which aims to create a real world solution to protecting the Earth from potentially catastrophic asteroid impacts. Dr. Lu and the B612 Foundation teamed up with Slooh to promote awareness of this important concern through one of our live public broadcast. Dr. Lu was also a NASA astronaut for over 12 years and spent over 206 days in space during his career.
Dr. Scott Bolton - Dr. Bolton is the Principal Investigator of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Juno Spacecraft which is currently on its way to Jupiter to provide new data and analysis of the gas giant. Dr. Bolton appeared on a special night-long broadcast of Jupiter to discuss the amazing planet and Juno’s mission. He has 24 years of experience with JPL working on a vast array of missions including Cassini, Galileo and Voyager.
Dr. Steve Levin - Dr. Levin is the Project Scientist of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Juno spacecraft managing day-to-day activities of the project. He appeared on our Juno Flyby broadcast to explain the details of the mission and the reason for the spacecraft’s brief return. He has over 20 years of experience with JPL working in development and operations on various astrophysics and planetary missions.
Dr. Duncan Copp - Dr. Copp has appeared as a guest on several Slooh broadcast such as the Chinese Lunar Landing where he provides an extensive knowledge of the Moon and humanity’s connection with it. He is an accomplished documentary director/producer who is most noted for his role in producing the award winning film In the Shadow of the Moon.
Dr. Lucie Green - Dr. Green has joined several Slooh Solar broadcast including Solar Max updates. She offers a relaxed and intuitive approach in explaining complex solar phenomena. She is a solar scientist at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of the University College London. She also frequently contributes to a host of media outlets including BBC, ITV, and as a part of BBC’s popular Sky at Night team.
Dr. Mark Boslough - Dr. Boslough is a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories and a professor at the University of New Mexico. He appeared on the Moby Dick asteroid broadcast providing a unique take on the effects of asteroid impacts on Earth. Dr. Boslough traveled to Russia to study the effects of potential asteroid impacts shortly after the infamous meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk in February 2013.
Matt Francis - Francis has been a key feed partner with Slooh for over 3 years. He is the director of the Prescott Observatory in Prescott, Arizona which houses a 0.61 meter telescope, a high-mag solar telescope and a Nano lab. He has provided commentary on several broadcast such as the Earth’s Closest Approach to the Sun Broadcast. His chief interest is exploring how consciousness and physical laws interact to define reality.